Silas Adelanke Adeoye



My works are a departure from the communal – together with its attendant temporalities. To achieve my objective, I have chosen the canvas as my primary medium of expression, as it allows me to combine a variety of vibrant colors (oil) to display the energy and grandeur of my characters. Certain motifs recur when I pick up the brush. My abstract works tend to reveal a definitive pattern in retrospect. The depictions turn out to be fragments of images from local festivals and other human activities that is universal.


I took to fine art early, already experimenting with various ideas and coming up with innovative techniques before even starting my primary education. I largely developed as an artist by myself. I specialize in pointillism. I had participated in several international and local art exhibitions. I had also participated in two art residencies in both Switzerland and republic of Benin.


I live close to Nigeria – Benin Boarder, I see how children are being smuggled into the country for cheap labor every day. This injustice must stop!