Samba Sow



My name is Samba Sow. I am a native of Dakar, Senegal but grew up in a small village. I started carving when I was 8 years old. My father instructed me how to become a carver and that is why today it is very easy for me to spend all day carving. Every art item has it’s own meaning  - especially among masks because every ceremony has a specific mask but unhappily we are losing most of our traditions.

My father keep telling what important were mask occupying during childhood especially in wedding ceremony funeral, dancing, etc


I am sure I will never stop carving as long as I am living because I love what I do and I hope to keep my family’s traditions alive as long as possible. That is why fighting slavery is so important. We should never forget our past, and we should always work towards making the future better. I appreciate so much your support of me and my carving work, and your support to fight slavery world-wide.