Nhung Thi Tran



“My art work is about life in Vietnam, landscapes, people where the people try very hard to live and save the life after so many wars. But in my paintings they are so nice and beautiful. My art is heart-art. I paint from my heart about what I see, I think about them.


I am now an artist with my husband who is also an artist. We have our own gallery where we can sell our artwork. We want to share with our customers all over the world about the people of Vietnam but through the artist’s eyes and hope that they can understand the Vietnamese people.

It is terrible about human trafficking; that it is illegal and in Vietnam also. It has a lot of people from the countryside, women sold in China for becoming a wife or a courtesan. After that their feeling and health is also effected.


I hope that I can help them by anyway for this project like using my paintings, by selling them so that we can make money to help victims of human trafficking.