Malick Dieye



My name is Malck Dieye I was born in a small village called Hombol 200 km from Dakar the village is surrounded by dunes from different colors. In my early childhood I used to climb these dunes with my brothers. Playing became a routine for me. Before I started painting I used to gather sand from different colors.  Then later on, I fell in love with nature especially the dunes. That was when the idea of becoming a sand painter came into my mind; it was difficult at the beginning because my parents did not want me to do this kind of art. For them it was loss of time. Dispute their opposition of my art I did not give up. Many of my fellows were fascinated of my sand painting so our house became a meeting point to gather and look at art. Then one day I was invited by the Mayor for an exhibition of my sand painting it was then that my parents realized how important my profession was.


One day I was selected to participate to an art exhibition it was only at that time my parents realized how much people are interested in my artwork.