El Hadji Moustapha Gueye

Goree Island, SENEGAL


I could not live without art it is part of my life.  As a young man I used to draw different images in my school books making a wide range of images.  Growing up on a famous island (Goree) because of its part in the slavery trade gave me a source of inspiration that I would like to continue as long as possible - the number of visitors from different religions, colors and continents was of the aspect, that has helped to make my dreams come true, I meant as a source of inspiration. It is through my art I express my feelings of sadness for my great grandparents. When I  listen to my father tell me about the history of slavery and also being alone along the Goree Island coasts helps to inspire me as well.

As for human trafficking, I hate deeply this practice and the perpetrators of this odious trade, which has to be condemned forever – millions of children, men and women are victims of this inhuman practice.