El Hadji Malick Thiam "Books"



I enjoy painting it is the most important thing in my life.  My art is a freedom of creation and gave me intense inspiration in the form of felt fever that I learned to release by drawing and painting.  I am inspired by dreams, my love of nature and also living on Goree Island which was the source of sufferance for millions of slaves.  I spent endless hours on the beach looking at people from different colors, religions and from different continents - that is great help with inspiration.  I take the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas with foreigners.  My dreams are the first source of inspiration; they opened eyes increasingly to a wide range of images that weren’t  visual.  My life on Goree is opposite as that one my tiny village Southern part of Senegal, here my daily life is water, painting, and meeting worldwide visitors.


As for human trafficking it is the worst thing we have to fight everybody is involved.