Djiby Sow



My name is Djiby Sow and I am living in a small village near Dakar, Senegal.

All my ancestors were very famous sculptor artists. After some few years in school I joined my uncle who did encourage me to learn art because it was such an important part of our family's life. It runs in our blood he says.


Today I could proudly say carving is something that is very important in my life.

There are different kinds of wood which to choose from to carve, each wood has its individual reality, texture and attributes. Unhappily with lack of rain and climate change our activity is on the verge of disappearing if something is not done. We are encouraging people to plant more trees, and I am hopeful that we can save this activity that we love so much. Happily people have understood our message and trees are being planted everywhere. I carve different items and every item has its own meaning.