BA Djibril Ngawa



My dreams are the primary source of inspiration that led me into visual art. They opened my eyes increasingly to a wide range of images that wasn’t visible for me before that which I retraced using pencils or chalk. It take my visual sense to another deeper dimension and   gave me intense inspiration in the form of felt fever that   I learned to release   by drawing and paintings which became progressively   a necessity to heal and balance myself. but not only that, it developed in me the ability to interact deeply with colors, lines, forms, patterns and dots in addition  to translate my feelings visually with ease and spontaneity.


My art   is freedom of   creation, expression and   an invitation to a permanent and endless journey of learning   depicting, discovering the invisible and trying to understand the unknown, the mystic. It takes me to the far past and high light what will happen in the future.  I see it as a bridge between the cultural heritage   of   the nomadic    - pastoral tradition –and the contemporary artistic expressions in the west   and   as human connections that go beyond boundaries and understanding .It reveal to me, my personal experiences, or suggest connections in the same way that dreams function while I am interacting with the present. It reveals a fundamental truth which is the existence of the unknown in   the connections between human beings.


Growing up  between the  small village and  the  multicultural  mobile   nomadic  camps , enjoying  being  around  the elders ,curiously  listening to their stories, their appreciation of beauty and to their interpretations of: wind, symbols, trees, traditions, animals, cows, shape of horns , people, stars and birds   gave me  natural initiation , wider imagination   deeper  link  and understanding   of the  nomadic environment and way of life  which developed in me vivid interaction  with the different constituents of the pastoral life that influence   my  artistic expressions   that appears  in different ways: Melodies, Lyrics,  painting - and photographs  that I see as love, beauty , response  and reality. I am not bound to any art movement; I just express myself freely; But my art is seen as abstract figurative expressionistic and sometimes as impressionist or folk art.  While I am inspired by dreams, my deep love of human beings life and nature made everything communicates to me and art was my answer to that.  Digging in the relation between my musical creativity and paintings and drawing I found that I am writing lyrics and creating melodies in   visual form.