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How Did We Get Started?

Project HARTwork was founded by three Denver residents who learned that Colorado is a major hub for human trafficking and were compelled to act.


Meet Our People

The organization was formed shortly after one of the founders visited Senegal’s Goree Island. This island, once called The House of Slaves with the Door of No Return, used to be a point of departure for slaves, but has since been transformed into an artist community. Artists sustain themselves while also raising money to fight human trafficking, thus contributing to their community’s healing. This inspirational process inspired Project HARTwork.


Meet The Artists

What Does Project HARTwork Do?

Project HARTwork is a non-profit organization that partners with artists around the world to sell fair trade art and engage the community with the ongoing fight against human trafficking. We realize that human trafficking is an emotionally taxing topic to discuss; we’ve found that utilizing art can help start these difficult but essential conversations.


We host a variety of events designed to start conversations about human trafficking issues locally, nationally, and globally. Through our events, exhibits and other forums we provide opportunities to learn and talk about human trafficking while appreciating local talent and art from around the world.


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Artist Application

Our artist network is fundamental to our mission and organization. We invite any artist whose work and  vision aligns with our message to join us.

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Volunteer Information

We are an organization run by volunteers so we are always looking for enthusiastic individuals to help out and get involved.

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Digital Ambassador

Receive notifications from Project HARTwork so you can be the first to get the word out about art and human trafficking news.

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Send A Postcard

Send a postcard to your legislator to let them know you appreciate their support of anti human trafficking legislation.

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MeetUps & Evnets

MeetUp with us at an exhibit, museum or for coffee to discuss human trafficking issues or enjoy some artwork.

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Book Club

Get a deeper understanding of human trafficking by reading inspirational or informative books related to human trafficking.

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Our mission is to grow our global network that unites artists and supporters in the ongoing effort to end human trafficking.
We reach thousands of people each month sharing information about human trafficking, empowering our communities to recognize the signs of abuse and tools to report it.
Collaboration: It’s all about the “we” not the “me” Diversity: Enhances strengths, reduces weaknesses Respect: Anyone and everyone Integrity: Honest and ethical in all we do Good: The ends do not justify the means Opportunity: Open doors rather than close them Empower: Uplift and encourage others Environment: Sustainable is responsible
Project HARTwork is a non-profit corporation of volunteers, led by a Board of Directors, with guidance from an advisory board of industry and community leaders. Project HARTwork’s core foundation is based upon the ethics of fair trade, education, and that each member of our global community not only deserves equal respect, but has intrinsic value that can benefit others.
We chose artwork as our message medium for several reasons. We feel that art best represents freedom, both intellectually as well as physically. Art is most often a representation of imagination or the expression of emotions. Whether it is the sharing of joy or pain, it can lead to, or celebrate freedom.
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We have a growing network of artists from around the world, including Nigeria and Vietnam, as well as local Colorado artists. Read their individual stories here.





We couldn't do it without the support of our community partners...


Sarkisian's Rugs & Fine Art

Colorado's finest dealer of Antique and Contemporary rugs, Chinese antiques, Japanese antiques, Indonesian art, Middle Eastern antiques, fine art and archeological treasures, including Neolithic pottery circa 3000 B.C.

Launch Legal

We operate using a distributed services model and support entrepreneurs and innovators across a variety of industries, including blockchain(s), healthtech, agtech, edtech, fintech, space and energy.

Zephyr Real Estate Services

Zephyr RES is a locally owned boutique real estate agency with deep roots in the Denver metro area.  Zephyr RES fuses traditional values with a contemporary approach to Denver leasing and sales.

La Cour French Bistro

La Cour is a French restaurant that offers affordable fine dining in an intimate friendly setting. We offer a wide range of French wines, traditional French food  and fabulous desserts. Every evening your dining experience is enhanced by live jazz!

Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare

We are Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare (3CW), a group of committed dog lovers like you who decided to do something about the unethical treatment of puppy mill breeder dogs, as well as the dogs produced through the puppy mills.


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Project HARTwork is an international network of artists and supporters working together to end human trafficking.


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